My book is almost ready

What!?! My book is almost here! I'm finally going to be publishing my first book, Blackberry Fairy of Faeriedale! The book will be sold for $11, which is as affordable as I could make it for Print-On-Demand self-publishing. Maybe I will be able to get some wholesale pricing later and sell some more affordable editions from Etsy. We'll see. I ordered my first proof this week. I'll let everyone know when it's ready for purchase! The picture on the Books page and the image here

Phoenix Comicon

I will be attending Phoenix Comicon. I'm expected to attend Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and afternoon on Sunday. Depending on my schedule, I may be in Game Central hosted by Magic Meeple Games  on Thursday. I'll be walking the expo floor, hanging out in the Hall of Heroes and playing games in Game Central. I have some new costume upgrades. I have a new belt by Talismana Designs. A new corset too. Also I should announce either a Kickstart for my book, or pre-order for m

Oh My Blog!

I just added a Blog to my page! Now I can update you on the latest developments that I often share on Instagram and Facebook. Now they can be more in-depth! This week I am working on editing my first story, Blackberry Fairy of Faeriedale! It's about my first day at Faeriedale Day School when I was younger. You'll get to know me a little bit more, who my parents are, and where I live. You'll also get to meet my friends Lilith the Spider and Onyx the cat. I am also working on m