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About the Author

M.G. Trehern, also known as Mary Trehern is a self published author, professional graphic designer, cosplayer and game creator. She is currently working on three projects: Blackberry Fairy, Boldly Go Games and Motivational Public Speaking.

Mary has written on and off again for 20 years. She self-published her first novel in 2007 and has since been working on several projects here and there. In her free time she likes to dress up in costumes and follow her passions. 

One night back in 2017, she had a dream she was a costumed fairy reading stories to children. She focused on what kind of fairy she would be an Blackberry Fairy was born. Her study of acting at Robert E. Lee High School in Springfield, VA, taught her if she wanted to get to know an original character, she must first create a story for them.

Shortly after she debuted her costume at the Arizona Renaissance Festival she started drafting Blackberry Fairy of Faeriedale. Her love of sagas and story arcs has allowed her to create a small saga about Blackberry Fairy and her adventures in discovering who she is. Mary is planning on several stories for Blackberry to discover that mystery. In November of 2018, Blackberry Fairy of Faeriedale was self-published on Lulu Press. Since then Mary has been working on her second and third stories for Blackberry which she hopes to publish soon.

Mary's biggest challenges when it comes to writing is balancing chronic illness and work-life balance. Mary has been working on her own growth mindset and is hoping to share her struggles with depression and working to overcome it with motivational speaking.

In the end, her goal is to finish many unfinished projects and continue to pursue her dreams and her passions. She is thankful to have found Blackberry Fairy and enjoys bringing happiness to others. Thank you for being here on her journey.


M.G. Trehern (Mary Trehern)

Gemini, Dreamer, Writer, Designer, Costume Lover


Onyx the cat

This is the real Onyx. She is a black cat stray we rescued in 2016. She is the mother of three and adorable when she wants dinner.

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