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My book is almost ready

What!?! My book is almost here! I'm finally going to be publishing my first book, Blackberry Fairy of Faeriedale! The book will be sold for $11, which is as affordable as I could make it for Print-On-Demand self-publishing. Maybe I will be able to get some wholesale pricing later and sell some more affordable editions from Etsy. We'll see.

I ordered my first proof this week. I'll let everyone know when it's ready for purchase! The picture on the Books page and the image here is the cover of the book. Yes, it says Story 1, because I am planning at least 5-10 stories. Hopefully, they will not take as long as this one did to produce.

I could give you the long winded story as to why it took so long, but really, creativity takes time, and life happens sometimes. I am excited to share my first story with everyone! I hope you will enjoy it. I've been working hard to get it ready for you to read. If I have time, I will likely produce a video where I read the book aloud to you! Perhaps a holiday treat! Thank you so much for your support!

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