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Blackberry Fairy of Faeriedale
by M.G.Trehern

On a full moon, when a human infant laughed for the first time, a small baby fairy was found underneath a blackberry bush beside the river that rolls by the village of Faeriedale.

Apart from her mysterious origins, Blackberry is a kind and loving fairy with the mind of a free spirit. She likes to dance, sing, draw and talk to her friends Lilith the spider, Onyx the cat and Cookie the cockatoo. 

The first day of school can make anybody nervous, especially misunderstood free spirits. Blackberry Fairy’s first day of school did not go well at all. Her wings are stubby and won’t fly, she stuttered when she spoke, her magic wand wouldn’t work, and the most popular girl in school called her Scary Blackberry on her first day!

Will Blackberry ever go back to school again? Find out in Blackberry Fairy of Faeriedale, a short story about an out of the ordinary fairy.


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